A calculated strategist with an established history in technology retail, world-class financial modelling experience and a robust software engineering background.  Driven by a clear understanding of commercial success, always positioned in areas of responsibility where the most financial benefit can be affected. Focused on quality and pride of work, placing the customer at the forefront of commercial strategy paired with meticulous attention to detail.

Experienced working in retail since late childhood, exhibiting a natural ability as a retailer, paired with an early passion for technology lead to a fast-tracked path to senior buying responsibilities at two national retailers. Whilst purchasing for Micro Anvika, yet unbeaten records were established for both turnover and profit. Tec7 responsibilities included establishing key business processes, systems and relationships which would become the core foundations of the entire operation.

An unexpected opportunity allowed for a career change into corporate finance where knowledge of corporate finance accounting mechanics, sophisticated teaching & training methods and the Microsoft Excel platform expanded both vastly and rapidly. Exposure to small business operations and support from the Financial Mechanics directors allowed me to evolve into the consultancy business model, providing commercial and technical skills to a previous employers.

Excellent interpersonal skills, hands on team management and team participation attitude. Passionate about travel, having visited over 70 cities across 20 countries with intense travel across a significant portion of East Asia.